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Ajanta Caves

Visit Ajanta and Ellora Caves from Mumbai

India, the magical attraction for tourists from all over the globe, is as famous for ...
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Colombo is among the Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Places to Visit in Sri Lanka | Sri Lanka Tourism Guide

What are the major places to visit in Sri Lanka? A magnificent island nation, a medley ...
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Beautiful Sky Reflecting on the Backwaters of Alleppey | In search of Alternative to Alleppey Houseboats

A Cheaper Alternative to Alleppey Houseboats

Who doesn’t love to stay relaxed in a heritage boat on the calm waters of ...
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Uganda Tourism | Wildlife Safari

Uganda Tourism | Uganda’s Places of Interest

Being famous for its National Parks and rich cultural heritage, Uganda Tourism is flourishing day ...
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Zanzibar Beaches | Must Visit Among the Tanzania Tourism Attractions

Tanzania Tourism Attractions | Best Places to Visit in Tanzania

Located on the eastern coast of Africa, Tanzania is a country having a charm that ...
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Punalur Suspension Bridge

Selected Tourist Places in Kollam | Places to Visit in Kollam

What are the major tourist places in Kollam? Quilon, as it was called by Dutch, ...
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Munroe Island Kollam

Canoeing at Munroe Island Kollam | One of the Best Backwaters in Kerala

Munroe Island Kollam is one of the most serene spots in Kerala. Calm and quiet ...
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Pokhara | Nepal Points of Interest

Nepal Points of Interest

Nepal is a nation that plays host to the enthusiastic mountaineer who ventures to conquer ...
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Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia

Somalia Points of Interest

Somalia, a nation located in the tip of Horn of Africa, may not be the ...
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Mt. Kilimanjaro from Amboseli National Park | Places to visit in Kenya

10 Selected Places to Visit in Kenya | Jaunt Monkey

Who doesn’t dream of watching African Elephants and Lions freely roaming the savannahs? With over 40 ...
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I have helped a friend to elope while I was in Somalia, lived in a cubicle for over 7 months in Eritrea, trekked Tossa Mountain in Ethiopia with my 3 months old baby, and walked with African Elephants in the Murchison Falls National Park of Uganda. I scribble some of those stories on Jaunt Monkey to tickle your nerves. Read more…