Sprouting springs feeding Periyar

Paniyeli Poru, a Scenic Beauty on the Periyar River of Kerala

India was celebrating its 71st year of independence by paying tributes to the freedom fighters, hoisting Indian flags, and sharing ...
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Catterdale di Asmara | Eritrea Tourism Guide

10 Major Attractions of Eritrea

Eritrea, the northwestern African country, whose name transliterates to “red” due to its location along the coast of the Red ...
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Ethiopian Hospitality

Ethiopian Hospitality and Friendly People of East Africa

Ethiopia is one of the most friendly countries that I have ever been to. I found people willingly coming forward ...
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Explore Fort Kochi on Foot

Explore Fort Kochi on Foot to Learn Kochi’s History and Heritage

A series of islands jammed between the roaring sea and the calm backwaters of Kerala is the ‘Queen of Arabian ...
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Athirappally to Malakkappara Ride

Athirappally to Malakkapparai | Jaunt Monkey’s Kochi – Valparai – Marayoor Ride

Starting pretty early in the morning from Kochi helped me to reach Athirappally (Athirappilly) in 1 hour and 40 minutes ...
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Malakkappara to Aliyar Dam

Malakkappara to Aliyar Dam | Jaunt Monkey’s Kochi – Valparai – Marayoor Ride

Malakkappara, a small town in Kerala was pretty cool and calm. Squeezed between the deciduous forests of Vazhachal and sprawling ...
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Lake Assal

Lake Assal of Djibouti

When the mesmerizing beauty of Djibouti in Africa is inviting the traveler in you, Lake Assal is the place that ...
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Cape Coast Castle, Ghana Tourism - Major attractions of Ghana

10 Major Attractions of Ghana | Ghana Destination Guide

Ghana, the West African country which is the one of the largest exporters in cocoa beans and gold, earning the ...
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Adulis of Eritrea | Eritrea Travel Guide

Adulis, the Ancient Port of Eritrea

Adulis or Aduli, located in Eritrea is a historical site and ancient port of Eritrea. This port city on the ...
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A church in Keren of Eritrea

Keren in Eritrea, the cultural capital of Eritrea

Keren, the picturesque mountain city of Eritrea is must go-to place in Eritrea. Keren in Eritrea is the second largest ...
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Dahlak Islands of Eritrea

The Dahlak Islands of Eritrea | Jaunt Monkey’s Places of Interest

Located in the Red Sea, Dahlak Islands, the Eritrean archipelago and one of the major tourist places in Eritrea, consists ...
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Djibouti City

Djibouti, Africa’s Growing Destination | Djibouti Travel Guide

Ever thought of a pleasure trip to African countries? Do you consider Africa a very unlikely tourist destination? But if ...
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Tree canopy rope walk in Kakum National Park

Best of Ghana | Jaunt Monkey’s Ghana Tourism Guide

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, Ghana Tourism Guess who provides the cocoa beans to Cadbury, one of the best chocolate companies in ...
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Capital city of Eritrea, Asmara attractions

Asmara Attractions, Eritrea Tourism | Jaunt Monkey Travel Guide

The city of Asmara, nicknamed as “Piccola Roma” or “Little Rome” because of the strong Italian influence on its architecture, ...
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Semenawi Bahri | Eritrea Tourism Guide

Best of Eritrea | Eritrea Tourism Guide

Situated along the Red Sea, this north eastern African country is one of the countries that make up the “Horn ...
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