Ethiopian Hospitality and Friendly People of East Africa

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Ethiopia is one of the most friendly countries that I have ever been to. I found people willingly coming forward to ask and help tourists and needy. Further more, one of the oldest civilizations on Earth, Ethiopia is also rich in traditions and cultural values. Aksum, the remains of an ancient Kingdom of Ethiopia, is a small city located in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. Somewhere during the early 2016 I traveled to Aksum with a group of pilgrims, and here’s how I experienced Ethiopian Hospitality.

A team of almost 200 pilgrims and me with another friend of mine (Melodious) started from Dessie to Aksum. The winding roads, bushy and dry mountains, small huts, traditional buildings, and cattle were usual among the sights we enjoyed on our way. A long journey of 11 hours took us from Dessie to Mekelle. Mekelle is one among the major cities of Ethiopia and also the headquarters of Tigray region.

Our dormitory accommodation was arranged at a church in Mekelle. In the church we were welcomed and treated traditionally. While the Sunday school children washed my legs and welcomed me to the dormitory, I was experiencing the Ethiopian hospitality and traditional customs.

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